What Sets Us Apart

Helping Little Smiles Grow into Big, Beautiful Smiles!

A child’s first dental experiences influence how they feel about dental care for the rest of their life. It’s essential your child has positive, painless experiences and learns that taking care of their smile is fun!

At Fantasea Pediatric Dentistry, we make dental visits a breeze! Dr. Joana Lastres and our team love working closely with children and parents, building trust and making sure every child feels safe, relaxed, and respected.

We’re a pediatric dental office that celebrates your child and makes them our top priority!

Pain- and Worry-free Dental Care

Today’s pediatric dentistry offers a range of care options that ensure children are comfortable. We offer painless numbing injections, along with oral and IV sedation for those who have trouble holding still or are particularly stressed.

Most children are curious about new experiences but also a bit nervous at the same time. We understand this and make the most of the opportunity to encourage children’s natural curiosity. We talk with children about what’s going to happen, following the “Tell, Show, Do” process. By making the unknown into something familiar and non-threatening, we earn a child’s trust.

Our happiest moments are when a previously fearful child begins to relax and engage with us!

Education and Prevention

Dr. Lastres and our team members know that teaching children and parents about oral health is key to preventing future issues.

We focus on age-appropriate lessons, helping your child learn the best way to keep their mouth clean and healthy. You know your child wants to be independent and do things for themselves: we encourage those desires, making sure they understand how to brush and floss, choose healthy foods, and develop a lifetime of great habits.

We also recommend a variety of preventive care, stopping problems before they start, so every child grows up with a big, beautiful, healthy smile!

Special Needs Care

Fantasea Pediatric Dentistry works closely with special needs individuals and their caregivers. We’re skilled at connecting with people on the Autism spectrum and those with physical and learning challenges. With our friendly, safe space and a doctor and team who are attuned to and respectful of each person’s situation, we’re here to help everyone achieve a healthy smile!

Schedule a Visit

Dr. Lastres and everyone at Fantasea Pediatric Dentistry is excited to meet you and your child: we’d love to start them on the path to a lifetime of beautifully healthy, strong, and confident smiles. Call and schedule a visit at our Naples, FL office, today!